Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Letter From God

In November of 2005, after writing two letters on the coming judgment upon the United States and talking to various media outlets about this, I realized late on the evening of November 11th, 2005, that nothing was going to happen. I did not know why I was asked to communicate this date - if nothing was going to happen. I began wondering if I had allowed myself to be deceived in some manner by our enemy or if I was simply communicating something that was never there to begin with. My faith began to waiver….cracks began to form in my foundation of trust in God. I remember sitting at my computer that night with no job, being ridiculed by many and wondering if I had somehow lost my mind. It was at this moment that a thought occurred to me. A woman in Knoxville had called me the day after my article appeared in the Knoxville paper (November 9, 2005) and told me that she felt very strongly that the Lord had asked her to give me something.

In August of 2004, she told me that the Lord dictated a letter to her. The Lord was clear and she wrote down every word. It was a very serious message and spoke of coming ‘storms’. It frightened her and she told no one of the letter – until that day in November. She called me in my office at work and told me all of this. She sounded very honest and I could tell that she was both glad to talk to someone who would understand and relieved to deliver this message that she had been given. That was a very busy week for me (mild understatement), so I didn’t read the letter when she emailed it to me that day.

As I sat at my computer that evening (11/11/05), a small, quiet voice told me to read the letter. As I opened the attachment I almost fell out of my chair. At the time, I was dealing with deep, spiritual issues. I didn’t know a lot about the spiritual warfare swirling around me. I felt strongly that I had done what I’d been asked to do, but I could not ‘see’ anyway out of my present condition – no job, my network of friends gone. I was lost and my trust in God wavered. Nothing in Revelation had been revealed to me at this point. I only knew that something was coming and we needed to prepare for it. As I’ve mentioned before, the Lord has taught me much over the past 3 years. On this day I learned that the Lord will give me exactly what I need to carry out His will. I needed a spiritual boost on this day. I needed my faith and trust restored. Out of nowhere – I got what I needed. I also was given additional information confirming what I had been told – prepare for coming storms. I didn’t know at the time how world events would relate to these ‘storms’, but I do now.

I know that this letter wasn’t just for me, but it spoke directly to many of the issues I was dealing with on that day. An overwhelming sense of relief washed over me. I realized that even though I had lost my job and had lost worldly credibility with many, it didn’t matter – because the Lord was with me. I learned that day that this is the one thing that really matters. What was also amazing to me and very sobering is that this letter spoke to me about things that I had told no one about. Before reading the letter, I really began to wonder if I was doing the right thing. Is God really guiding me? Am I delivering the correct message? Are we really facing the end of the world as we know it? This letter answered every question I had been thinking and praying about – and I had told no one of this. The Lord confirmed that He had heard my prayers, He did know my thoughts and concerns and that I was following what He had asked me to do. I was also given guidance on future events. The bottom line was this – I must trust Him now and forever – as long as I live. I would need to walk in His ways and stay there – never waivering – because we face a very evil and very deceptive enemy. The Lord made it clear that I would need to stay close to Him and continue to walk in His ways and I would have nothing to fear from our enemy. It would not be an easy path to take and I would need to continue to rely on Him for – everything.

You may not believe what I’m telling you, but I assure you I am telling you the truth.
The woman I spoke to was not the author of this letter. She was simply a servant and messenger – as I am. It’s time that we all became servants of our Creator – before it’s too late.

Dictated letter to XXXX from the Lord August 18, 2004:

The Lord said write. “I said what am I to write?” He said “I will tell you what to write.” So here I am Lord. What do I write?

“1st – Do not be distracted by other people or situations. Your best interest is at heart.”
“2 - Do not believe what everyone tells you. Believe what I say and I say I will provide.”
“3 - Do not, not believe what you can not see, for I see in the distance far beyond where your vision goes.”
“4 - Trust Me, not yourself. I have never let you down or forsaken you. Why do you not trust me now?”
“5 - Your faith must be as strong as a Mustard Seed. See the seed is small but the seed takes hold and grows roots and then grows strong. That is how I am molding you. The root can not be broken only damaged but damage is repairable.”
“6 - Do not be ashamed of what you are going thru. Praise my name. I have reasons far beyond your grasp. I am pruning you for the prize.” My statement: “ Don’t sheer me Lord.”
“7 - I am not sheering you. I am preparing you for your day of steadfastness. A ship has a rudder that leads it and guides it, that big boat. Without the rudder it is off course. You will be the rudder in the storm.”

“But Lord I am certainly not able and feel so insignificant.”

“You know my voice XXXX. Why do you tempt me and tease me? I have chosen you and you have chosen me and to be obedient. Therefore, I have tasks for you to do. Small among great, though you may feel, you will be heard and understood. Remember my servant Moses. Yes, he reasoned and argued with me, too. Do not tempt me or test me for you know that I am the one true God and faithful to my word. All heaven and earth shall pass away but my words never will. Now this is a time of preparation. I will prepare you for the battle.”

“But Lord I do not want to do anymore battles.”

“The battle is mine saith the Lord. Trust in me and me only. I will not let you fail. I will not let you fall. Trust, Oh Mine Heart and Word, and not the enemies. For they do not care that you do not sleep or that you do not eat nor that you do not have clothes to wear or shelter for your family or that your bills are not paid. But I do. They want to ridicule you and prosper from you in your weakness. But I will make you strong in your weakness. I will show them that I am the Lord and you trust in me and I am faithful to my people. All these that you grieve to me about are being tested. I have not left or forsaken my people. The enemy wants you to think that but I have not. When I show my glory and splendor, all will be awed by my brightness and my presence. They will see that I am real and I am the one true God. Yes, things have gone awry, but not for long, for time is short and my time is short. I have no intentions of watching much longer so my word now is to repent and become right with me. Know that I am real and true. I will stand the test of all time and only those that I call and that have answered the call will stand with me. The disobedient, slothful, un-attentive to my word, people will perish. For it was written before time that those that did not believe and accept would perish in the Lake of Fire. How true this will be and how sorrowful whenever the wailing will start. This will surely be.”

“But you are my people and you know me, you hear my word and are obedient. Lo though you should walk thru the Valley of Death, you should fear no evil, For I am with thee. Thy rod and thy staff are by your side. Pick it up and use it to fight the ugly and the sin, the wicked one who tries to deceive.” God showed me demons during this sentence.” “As always keep your eyes on me. Whenever you do you are less distracted.”

“Dear God, help me to get through this.”

“I am helping you, be quiet and listen.”

“I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. I have begun for so long now. My time is almost come to end. All will see my glory. All will know. All will fall to their knees. They will hide their faces in fear. They will weep and cry. Many shall be saved. Few will fall. For at this time my judgments will come. Then there will be many. Many who reject me, who mock me and curse me. They laugh at me and all it does is kindle my anger. I will be unmerciful upon my judgment and my wrath. I will have no mercy on any of the scoffers. They will wish mercy, pray for it, but shall have none. Then will come my punishment, the ones that I have saved for the end of time.

“Dear God this is so scary.”

“XXXX, this has been foretold before the end of time. People have had sufficient warning. They go around and act like I am not even there, that I do not exist. I have looked down on this planet a long time. I have been patient and merciful. I have sent my word out in droves and people have received me but many have rejected me. I am not one to deal with rejection much anymore. I love my people. I want them with me but only the ones who are true in their worship of me, who truly love me. There are no free rides! Jesus paid for that ride and he has paid the price. Do you think for one minute that my heart did not break when he hung in agony on that cross for my people? It did! I could not look upon him and yet he thought I deserted him knowing full well the extent of my love, knowing that he was coming to be back with me, knowing that there was no other way because Satan wanted to play. To claim victory for all that I had done. But he was fooled and he has lost. My son knew the cost. He could have chosen differently but he did not. He knew the pain, the hurt, and the suffering that he was to endure for this until the coming of age of the days that are now here and upon us.”

“This is a time of reckoning. The Reaper has come to lay victory to the Sheaves. He will start casting out and sorting. Whoa to those who are without claim to the one true Son of Mine, (Jesus Christ). All will stand accused by the accuser but only those with the Blood of My Son upon Them, Will Come out unscathed.”

“God have mercy upon us.”

“I have had mercy. I have given it over and over. It is now time for the Reaper to reap his Harvest and what has been sown.”

“Whoa to the inhabitants of the earth! Watch for my signs for they are here. The weather you are seeing is but a sampling of what is to come. The wars are but a sampling of what is to come. But 1st there will be peace. Know that inside the calm a storm rages and is waiting to get out. It will be out soon.”
“My Dear God, this is so scary.”

“Yes my child I know. That is why I have told you to write. Be obedient to me now. The days are here. Not coming anymore, they are here. Warn the people. Write it down. My words are true. They will never pass away.”

“Do not fear. You have no reason to fear if you hear the word of the Lord and are obedient to it. Man does not make all the rules. Even though it does not look logical or make sense, my rules supersede Man’s rules. Know that I am God. I shall not bough down to the ruler of this earth. He is raging and causing havoc and people are blind. They are so deceived. They think they have true happiness and wealth, but they have nothing. In the end it will not stand. It will account for nothing. Those that have made gain at the expense of my people shall pay and their price will be high. Far more than what they stole. They will give back and my people will be amazed and in wonderment. All the wrongs that have been done will be righted. I will put order back to the chaos. I will lead and my people will follow. There will be no more downed men. They will arise and stand by me. My troops will not take defeat. They will be the defeaters. They will defeat the rest. Yes, marching on to War. I am preparing you. Be prepared for the enemy. Stand Steadfast and Strong. Keep Your Eyes on Me and My Son, for we are the Leader of this Troop and this Troop will not Fail. So be it saith the Lord.”

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